Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Drink the Coffee Then Buy the Wine

This Christmas, it is my job to get wine for my family. 

But I am not responsible and it is cold outside. I'm sitting in a Caribou Coffee a block and a half away from the fancy liquor store, where I can possibly buy a bottle of expensive wine and redeem myself. I can't see if the fancy liquor store is open though, and my phone is dead. 

I could get 7-Eleven vinegar wine (and lament my habit of scrappy planning as this wine moment is just a teensy stand-in for many oops-I-did-it-again events) but I don't want to do that.

My glasses, I lost those about an hour ago in the loop. The cold is so impressive that not only were the sewers panting steam but my glasses fogged up from my nose breath and then the fog froze on the lens. I put my glasses in my pocket and made it a few more blocks. At Madison and State I thought I heard a skittering on the street while I was zipping along, but I did not stop to think, Oh no, my glasses.

When I swooped around to try and find them, I couldn't in all the traffic, and if I can't have them, I kind of hope they are getting dashed to bits and spread around the loop, particle style, prescription glasses in the wind -- I love wondering where stuff goes when I lose it. 

So now, when I'm at my new base of operations, I can see the fancy liquor store but I'm not sure if it's open. 

This blurriness is only a little below the amount of excitement I want in my life. Little tasks, being asked to do one thing, and then pretty much screwing it up. I'll find out in about three minutes about that wine.