Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Questions of the Day

Here is the quiz for 10/31/12 
  1. You get a note from the development office; they need to know your address. You have about three addresses, but no mailbox to call your own. What do you tell them? A fridge magnet awaits your new apartment.
  2. Krayola played possibly our/their/wes worst show yet. But it was also profound. There is something about being out of tune and knowing it and playing through the set regardless, pressing through, wading upstream with the songs at a growing audience of cute leather jacket punks and dudes and wanderers from Western Avenue. Do you continue playing sloppy shows or do you practice practice and buy the band guitar tuners? 
  3. Somedays you feel like a million bucks. Other days you feel like an empty vault. Do you stay at home relax and read or do you slant around town and spend $50 with friends and be awake too late and soul weary in the AM?