Thursday, November 15, 2012

Let it Sink + Red Eye

When I served coffee I'd grab a red eye for the crossword then ditch
the paper in the trash. Once The Hallow were in it and I grabbed that
one for posterity. Inside, one of the guys in our group gave a miserable
interview talking aboutus as if we were an 80s hair metal act,
throwing pizza or some BS I'd never do, the sort of reasons I don't get
into band culture anymore.

Anyway, at school we have this unit on Transcendentalism -- Thoreau
and Emerson. It lasts about a day or two or three. Not even a unit, really
a few lessons to show some American Lit roots before starting Huck 
Finn. So Thoreau is critical of news, he thinks most of it is redundant
gossip, "just stick to what's happening in your town or on your block,"
that kind of thing, and be suspicious of 24 hour news coverage. So we
were looking at red eye's and  I saw my zines were on page two, next
to a runway lady and a bottle of wine. It was a nice little moment, the
type of thing that would've blown my mind at 17.

When I think of my audience, I think it is myself in 2003, or maybe
my friends Ruby or Ben. I did not make it to the karaoke event, and
I have not printed any of these zines in a few months. I must get my
act together and move on this attention, at least in a casual presence
around-town kind of way, like that Clash song, "City of the Dead,"
when Joe Strummer quotes Johnny Thunders, "You should get to
know your town/just like I know mine."