Monday, August 12, 2013

End of Summer

          If I stay at home so often, reading and that kind of thing, that I get the idea that I'm smart and in control of my life, that's when I know it's time to leave the apartment and engage the world. 
  This week, a grown man called me an asshole. This happened after I asked him if he was fucking kidding, which I only asked because he first asked me why I was biking so slowly. Traffic was heavy and I was scared was why I was moving so slowly. But what I actually said was, "Are you fucking kidding me?" and pointed at all the dangerous cars on our right squeezing us against the parked vehicles to our left. I didn't realize until I turned around to curse at him that he was 100lbs of muscle heavier than me. 

Later, I sat outside this coffee place while on the phone, leaning on a bike rack. A severe biker guy says I'm blocking the rack. I apologize and feel stupid but he still looks angry. He has black hair and veiny temples.
An hour later, I was drinking coffee and working with a friend on some writing. A guy announces, "Someone has locked their bike to a customer's bike. Does anyone in here have a single-speed white frame bike outside." Quite. "Someone's single-speed white frame bike is locked to another customer's bike and he needs it unlocked." All of the patrons look around, seeking the chump who has locked their bike to a bike. I join in, thinking, where is this poor idiot? 
I realize within moments that I am the culprit. I excuse myself from the table and unlock my bike from the customer's old spoiler, which I've attached to. 
Back inside, my friend asks if it was my bike. I tell him, no, it was not. Now what were we talking about.